Logic Pro AR


Designing interactions for the future of music production

The idea

What will music production look like in the future?

The obvious answer here is that it will be taken over by AR and VR. However, a more interesting question to ask is:

What features in current music production software would benefit MOST from AR and VR?

Looking at most music production software, we see lots of 2-dimensional representations of the 3-dimensional properties of sound.

How sound propogates through air.

Looking at standard EQ interfaces, we can see that different frequencies "overlap" with eachother, making it pretty cumbersome to get a full understanding of the separations of frequencies within sound waves.

EQ Interface for Logic Pro X.

My first idea was to simply take these EQ curves and expand them into 3D, allowing users to "look around" different frequencies.

I took this a step further and thought about how we could bring AR interactions into MIDI rolls and automation. Here is a sketch

Off to After Effects!

I created some basic assets in illustrator and created a short demo of how an interface like this could be interacted with in the near future. Pretty cool I think.


For the future:

Soon, I'll be creating an entire system of gesture based music production. Here are some sketches where I explore transitions between sitting and standing contexts, and how simple controls (for example, volume for a track) go from being controlled by the hand to being controlled by the entire body.